Our Dogs
OFA Hips Preliminary excellent, Patellas normal, CERF clear,
Gonioscopy normal
Woody is our forth generation breeding here at Tengai Shibas.
He is more than we could have hoped for in a home bred dog.
Woody under the expert care and training with his co-owner Jeremy
Hohman finished his championship quickly.
He already has two litters on the ground that look promising, with a
third due in a few weeks.
He is now back at Tengai to grow up and mature before hitting the
rings as a special
Special thanks to both Jeremy and Erin for taking great care and his
expert training and of course for making him the coach potato that
he is!
CH Tengai Knock On Wood
CH Tengai's Chip Off The Ole Block x CH Tengai Eye Of The Storm
CH Tengai Knock On Wood!
      New Champion!
Woody Pedigree