CH Pendragon There's No Place Like Tengai
CH Tengai Knock On Wood x CH Pendragon Kichi Ryu
Ruby comes to us from Lori Pendergast of Pendragon Shiba Inu.
She is the product of our first breeding of Woody. She is a fifth generation of
breeding at Tengai, and we couldn't be more exited about her potential.
She has great type, movement and coat texture and we have high hopes for
Ruby is on a roll! Not to be outdone by her best bud Amai, she picked up both
her majors plus! She will be finished soon!
Third major for Ruby!
We are almost there
Somerset Hill KC 9/7/2017
Ruby W/B BOW/BOS over specials for a 5 point major to finish her
Way to go ruby 4 majors all from the puppy class!
All Health checks done
Ruby Pedigree
CH Pendragon There's No Place Like Tengai
Somerset Hill KC 9/7/17