CH Tengai's Water Lily
(CH Tenshinmaru Go Etchu Wakasugisou) x (CH Asa hanna's Gingersnap Of Tengai)

Lily has passed all her health checks
OFA Hips good, Patella's normal, CERF clear, Gonioscopy normal
Lily is a product of a repeat breeding of Tenshin and our own Ginger.
We loved what they produced in the first litter, so we repeated the
breeding and we couldn't be more happy with the result. She has a
beautiful headpiece, great structure and a wonderful temperament. She
loves everyone, her tail never stops wagging!
10/9/09 Lily goes BOS in sweepstakes at our parent Specialty, and 2nd
in BBE Class. Her first time in the ring! She follows the next day with a
1st placement in sweeps and 4th placement in BBE at our National
Specialty show. What a way to start her show career!
12/4/10 Lily Finishes her championship completely from the
bred by class with her 2nd 4 point major! Way to go Lily!
Congrats to Lily  three CH offspring so far,CH Tengai's Just The Tip Of
The Iceberg and CH Tengai Eye Of The Storm, Ch Tengai Utsukusi
Chou, and very soon Tengai Night Lily!
Back to our Dogs
First time ever in the ring!
Lily goes BOS at our parent specialty sweepstakes the day before the
National Specialty. In BBE class she places 2nd!
Lily 10 months old, her first 2 points!
W/B BOS over specials for a 4 point major
LILY W/B 4 point major NEW CHAMPION
Lily pedigree