About Us

We are Phil and Cindy Scala. After 22 years of living in NJ, we just relocated
to Townsend, Delaware! We now have lots more room for the dogs
I have always been involved with animals, especially dogs all of my life. As a
child, my family had German Shepherd Dogs and Akita's. We did some
showing with them in breed and obedience.
My goal was to be a veterinarian, but that wasn't meant to be. I went to
college, received my  Bachelor of Science  degree in biology and after a few
years went back to school to be a Perfusionist.  I operate the heart lung
machine during open heart surgery. I have been doing this since 1992.  My
wife, Cindy, is also a health care professional.
We became involved with Shibas in after we lost  our 12 year old German
Shepherd. He was a great pet and companion. We waited two years and
decided we were ready for another dog.  We saw a Shiba Inu and decided
that was the breed for us!  We did research and acquired "Teddy" (Ch
Asahanna's Teddy Gram of Tengai AOM, RN, CGC) in early 2005. He
finished his championship at 10 months old.  He was our first Shiba and
did extremely well.
We received him from Pauline Moilanen of Asa  hanna Shiba Inu. Pauline
and her son Jeremy Hohman have been a tremendous help and support
system in our dog show experience so far. They are mentors and friends.
We then received our bitch, "Ginger" (Ch Asahannas Gingersnap of
Tengai), who again, was extremely lucky to finish at a young age (11 months
old). Ginger has proven herself as a great foundation bitch.

We are Exhibitors and breeders of healthy quality well rounded Shiba Inu
Our dogs are pets first, show dogs second. They live in our home (and on
our couch)  with us most of the time. They also spend time out in the yard for
exercise when the weather is favorable.
Please visit our dogs to see and learn more about them.
To date we have "finished" ten dogs to their championship, with six of those
being bred by us.

We feed our dogs a "Raw Diet" which is a more correct diet.  It is a natural
healthy diet for dogs. It keeps their teeth clean among the other many  
benefits.  My dogs eat raw meaty bones; chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, rabbit,
fish, and various organ meats.
We recommend this diet to our  new puppy homes
If you would like to learn more about feeding  a raw diet please
for more information.
Also check out our links page for more information.

Club Affiliations

National Shiba Club Of America (NSCA)
Tengai translates to "Distant Shore" or
"Heavenly Shore" in Japanese
Pictured: Teddy Best Of Breed, Ginger Best Of Opposite Sex
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